July 28, 2014 @ 9:31 AM

Have you ever considered becoming a school bus driver? There can be many perks to driving the yellow bus such as: having the summer off, personal time in-between morning and afternoon runs, a chance to visit new places when taking students on field trips, and being part of a team on athletic trips. Many school transportation employers even offer benefits such as insurance, retirement, and paid holidays. What's not to like?

But becoming a school bus driver is not just simply filling out an application, taking a driving test and you're ready to go. There are many steps to go through before you are even allowed to pick-up your first passenger. In many states you will need to be fingerprinted, have a physical, apply for a CDL license, ...

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July 7, 2014 @ 7:53 AM

Ahhh, summertime…. A time for outdoor picnics, fishing, parades, and fireworks! A time when many school children are on summer vacation taking a break from the classroom. Even though the "regular" school year may be over, as a community we need to be aware there are still buses transporting children to and from summer school, activity trips, and community events.

2014 is the 75th year anniversary of one of the most recognizable colors known as national school bus chrome. Frank Cyr, an educator who helped to organize the first national standards conference of school transportation in 1939, proposed all school buses nationwide be the same color: national school bus chrome. Thanks to this important milestone we have learned .........

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