February 9, 2015 @ 6:39 PM

There are many reasons to "love the bus" but the biggest reason is safety. According to the American School Bus Council some 480,000 school buses carry 25 million children each day to and from school. That is more than half of America’s schoolchildren!

Did you also know…

School buses keep cars off the road, decreasing both traffic congestion and fuel emissions. They keep an annual estimated 17.3 million cars off roads surrounding schools each morning. Every school bus = 36 cars.

Today’s school buses are tougher and more diligently maintained than ever before. School bus drivers receive special training in safety, security and medical procedures; undergo regular drug and alcohol testing; and receive regular driving record checks. School bus traffic laws designed to protect students are strictly enforced. 

Students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive if they take the bus than if they drive themselves or ride with friends. Students are much safer riding the bus than being driven by a parent, and are about 20 times more likely to arrive to school alive if they take the bus than if a parent drives them. 

Without school buses, your community can count on more traffic and pollution. Families will spend more money filling up their gas tanks more often, and many children will have a difficult time getting to school on time, every day.


  • Remember buses make frequent stops. Be prepared to stop for them.
  • Never pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing on the right or left.
  • Watch for children who cross in front of the bus when the bus is stopped.
  • Look for children at bus stops and those running to bus stops.
  • By law school buses are required to stop at railroad crossings.


To learn more fun Facts about school buses visit: http://www.schoolbusfacts.com